sabato 3 novembre 2012

Mahmood Riaz Haji Barkat Ali sui forum pakistani...

I went there coz I wanted to do CFA and thought that in this job I would have to do a lot of analysis but it turned out that no amount of analysis would be fruitful to predict the market and then i realized very soon that these people fool simple minded Pakistani people and there are absolutely no regulations in Pakistan who prevent any loss.

This business in Pakistan is pure mafia based. Gulrez Mir of "Harvest topworth international" is head of the mafia, and his dogs run "Enrichers", "Excel Financial Services" and others.

All these companies are sheer frauds. (Google for GTL Tradeup fraud. Its owner was a Pakistani who looted Italian people and now wanted by international agencies as the biggest money launderer; that guy is the papa of this business in all the Pakistan)

As soon as I realized this, I cursed myself; and that was a gross mistake to work over there. I left it only after two weeks and now I work somewhere else.

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